Smartsan Africa     


 SMARTSAN  Concept:

The SMARTSAN Mark II Series Concept are:

  • Combination of a biological anaerobic/aerobic process and a nano filtration system. 
  • Specific designed Nano filtration system ensure 100% removal of all dissolved contaminants such as Nitrates, Nitrites and Phosphates in the filtered water.
  • Disinfection property in the Nano filter ensure destruction of any possible harmful pathogens in the filtered water.
  • Unique ventilation system cap ensures removal of all possible odours.
  • Recycle of the toilet flush water ensuring flush waterborne sanitation without municipal water connection to the toilet cistern
  • Capacity of cistern supply tank to accommodate rain water.
  • Independent from external power supply.
  • Very low maintenance required


  • Create a dignified sanitation solution for all: 
  • Supply communities’ access to flush toilets
  • Totally environmental friendly: 
  • No contamination of underground water resources
  • Limited pressure on scarce water recourses
  • No air pollution due to bad odors
  • Totally self-sustainable:
  • No additional pressure on overloaded power supply resources
  • No additional pressure on overloaded sewage infrastructure