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SMARTSAN Mark II Maintenance

SMARTSAN Mark II Maintenance

The SMARTSAN Mark II Maintenance required is very basic and can be performed by trained members of the community.

NB: It is important to note that if NO maintenance is performed the SMARTSAN will not operate as designed. 

a)    Minor service
Flush 500 ml NWTA Anaerobic biological additive down toilet once per 3 months.

Top-up with 600 liter of fresh water every 3 months (Only where kitchen and bathroom water not connected)

b)    Major service

Replace Nano filter set once per year.

c)    De-sludge

Once per year.

  1. De-sludge can be performed with a small sludge      pump fitted on a wheelbarrow (No Honey sucker necessary)
  2. Sludge to be pumped into a container tank and      moved to municipal sewer works for safe disposal (Tractor/donkey cart with      tank)

SMARTSAN Mark II Sludge Disposal

Due to the nature of the sludge formed in the sludge box, it is very easy to pump. It is a pea soup like soft watery mixture and no hard crusts is formed.

An ordinary small sludge pump is used, that can be fitted on a wheelbarrow to allow the operator to move into small places to where the reactors are installed. From there it can be pumped through a lay flat discharge hose (fire hose) to where the container is placed.

Disposing options:

1. Municipal sewer works

2. Dry beds build and fenced off

3. Mixing the sludge mixture with Waste Treatment Lime and buried in a 1.5-meter pre-dug trench


   SMARTSAN Mark II - Easy, reliable and cost effective.